Our Weekend Experience

“Come and See.”

This phrase is what started the ministry of Jesus Christ over 2,000 years ago and it is the premise through which Restoration Church operates. Maybe you’re not sure about this whole “God/Jesus/Church” thing. Our goal is not to pressure you into anything, rather to provide a “Come and See” experience. If you’ve had any interaction with church before, it may be helpful to know that we don’t have “services” or “mass” we have experiences. The reason is simple: We want EVERYONE to experience the presence of God and the life-changing experience of salvation (or life with Jesus).

  • We start at 1:00pm but would encourage you to show up a few minutes early especially if you have kids.
  • We are temporarily meeting at the Mt. Pleasant Christian Church, 2425 S. Emerson Ave. Greenwood, IN until moving into our new facility.
  • Our dress code is simple – wear what you’re comfortable in.

Times and Directions:

Sunday Worship 1:00pm / Thursday Prayer Service 7:00pm