Misty Smith

Restoration Kids Lead

Misty first found her love for sunday school when she was very young. Her grandmother was her teacher. Becoming a teenager, she volunteered to assist in the Sunday school department in her family’s church. After having her first child, she realized it wasn’t about her anymore and wanted to give her child the best. Jesus was the best she could give her children. 15 months later Misty gave birth to her second child. Soon after, she began working in a large daycare ministry in Noblesville. Misty worked there approximatley seven years. During this time she had her third child. She then moved back to the south side. A few years later she married her wonderful husband, John Smith. She was then blessed with three more beautiful children. They became the Brady Bunch! Shortly thereafter, they had their tie breaker, and the girl’s won!

Throughout her life from a young girl to a mother of seven, she has been involved with children and children’s ministry.It is their desire as a ministry to bring back the basics. Working together to simplify their lives and get back to the basics for the kids.

Misty contributes her success in children’s ministry to her love and compassion for children, and to her supporting kid’s ministry staff.

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